Snickers, Twix and More Assorted Chocolate Candy Bars Bulk Variety Pack (30 Ct.)

Snickers, Twix and More Assorted Chocolate Candy Bars Bulk Variety Pack (30 Ct.)


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The Super Bowl is right around the corner, the biggest day of the year for everyone’s favorite thing: snacks! I mean…football… Be the MVP of game-day eats with these party-perfect treats. Whether you choose SNICKERS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS, or MILKY WAY, this candy assortment is guaranteed to make this your best Super Bowl spread yet. This candy variety pack includes all the Full Size candy favorites that everyone loves. Each assorted candy bulk pack includes 10 SNICKERS Original chocolate candy bars, 3 SNICKERS Almond candy bars, 8 TWIX caramel cookie chocolate candy bars, 6 MILK WAY caramel candy bars, and (3) 3 MUSKETEERS fluffy nougat chocolate candy bars. Bulk individually wrapped candy variety pack is a pantry staple. Take them on the go to the next tailgating party or with you on family road trips to enjoy chocolate candy treats on the road. Forget your team rivalries and unite over some winning football snacks this year. The Super Bowl is a big day for football fans and food fans alike, and these treats will start the afternoon off right—and keep everyone happy till the last play happens. With 30 Full Size candy bars in every box, this bulk chocolates candy box has enough delicious fun to share from Sunday night football through Thursday night football and anytime celebrations. Don’t make a rookie mistake, add to your roster’s filled with creamy caramel, roasted nuts, real milk chocolate, savory snack mixes and more. These Super Bowl treats will be the MVP of your game-day spread, so go ahead, do your best celebration dance.

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